Quality controlling plays a decisive role within quality management. It is the heart of creating quality standards and assuring its preservation. Regardless of whether it is a service, a physical product or a combination, various characteristics and specifications are being considered to establish quality standards.

In addition to meet quality requirements of customers, which are the most important, the requirements of the legislature and various norms also are very important.

Key figures are the basis for successful quality controlling

Nowadays KPIs are the basis of succesful quality controlling. They provide accurate and measurable information about how the quality condition of a product or a service. The recording of target values ​​in quality and the management of quality indicators are also very important.

A holistic quality controlling is important to our customers, which, in addition to a clear processcockpit, also provides commentary functions. In this way, reasons and measures can be documented and quality-related data can directly be linked to suppliers in the system.

Used AGIMENDO products

AGIMENDO.edit enables the creation and editing of quality features through its convenient master data management.

The management of key figures and KPI’s is executed in AGIMENDO.calc.

Not only because of the commentary solution it is very important, it also takes over the entire process management.

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