Once a company plans staff costs across different hierarchies and societies, the dynamic structures for central controllers are often very difficult to survey. Not only is planning often centralized and hindered by countless correction loops. But planning quality also suffers from the fact that essential information about planned changes is only available to the direct personnel managers but not to the central controlling department.

When it comes to personnel cost planning directly in SAP BW for our customers it is important to plan as precisely as possible and to involve as many relevant persons as possible. Both points result in a significant increase in quality in the planning and are also very closely linked.

Decentralized recording and direct connection of the responsible persons

A more detailed planning is achieved when the central controlling is supported by the responsible colleagues. They have detailed knowledge about planned changes, such as recruitments and salary increases, and can significantly raise the quality of the planning by means of a direct connection to the system.

In addition to this decentralized recording of data and a direct connection of the responsible persons to SAP BW, our customers require operational tasks such as the transfer of staff between two cost centers. Moreover, clearly defined authorization concepts are also fundamental for successful personnel cost planning in SAP BW because they prevent errors and enable multi-level planning processes.

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Unser fertiges Package zur Personal­kosten­planung

AGIMENDO.personnel offers the entire process for personnel cost planning. In addition to a lot of useful features and processes, the solution provides predefined content for planning and reporting. This content can be customized to your needs and organizational structures.

User-friendly and with the right people involved.

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Customers trusting AGIMENDO in their personnel cost planning

Webinars for personnel cost planning with AGIMENDO

Together with our customer ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, we are presenting a solution for personnel cost planning with AGIMENDO. This solution is live in use. The first webinar shows the solution from a user perspective (for business users) and in the second webinar from a technical point of view (for IT users).


Modern personnel cost planning: no matter who has to be booked from where to where.

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