In everyday business companies generate a wealth of information. Ranging from personnel and production to sales data, and are central to both planning and reporting. In the course of its information and documentation task the controlling department consolidates all the necessary data and provides the necessary information to the management levels.

Though the incorporation of several companies into the SAP system provides some topics that can quickly drive the effort into unnecessarily high dimensions. Not only a large number of companies but also the mixture of SAP and non-SAP companies cause the central controlling to lose the overview of which company has already provided data and which has not. There is also a lot of confusion in the communication path itself, as some companies load their data files into a folder and yet others send it to the controlling department via mail.

Smooth monthly reporting in SAP BW

In order to enable all involved persons a smooth reporting, the central controlling must be able to be informed of the status of the individual companies at any time. Whereas the individual companies need to be given the opportunity to prepare and submit their data in a way appropriate for them.

Concerning (monthly) reporting three goals are outstanding:

  • Central controlling department is the cornerstone of all operational processes
    Controlling starts and models processes in the system, creates and manages key figures and validations and enters specifications directly into SAP BW. Completely without programming. In addition, clearly arranged dashboards are available to provide information on the status of the individual companies with just a few clicks.
  • Both SAP companies and non-SAP companies are easily integrated
    Employees of all companies must be able to submit their data within a few minutes. Our customers appreciate that AGIMENDO solutions integrate companies via browser-based connections and the provided Excel upload, that allows a validation of data already during transmission
  • The IT remains master of the system and is able to execute improvements at any time
    From IT departments of our customers, we receive the feedback that reporting solutions must, of course, fit into the SAP strategy and, regardless of the chosen solution, they have to keep absolute control over the system. Therefore, the approach of integrating the entire reporting process into the SAP system by means of a browser-based connection of the individual companies is always welcome.

At the bottom of this page you will find videos of a three-part webinar series (total duration approx. 45 min) on the subject of monthly reporting with AGIMENDO. Go down to the videos >>

Used AGIMENDO solutions

AGIMENDO.edit not only allows the manual adjustment of data but also the optimal possibility to integrate non-SAP companies through the Excel upload.

All calculations are carried out by AGIMENDO.calc, e.g. the definition of individual corridors within which the data of the companies may differ.

AGIMENDO.process takes over the modeling of the process and the providing of individual and clear dashboards for central controlling.

Adapt your monthly reporting processes to your comany structure. Not the other way around.

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Keep track of all processes and the status of each of your companies at all times.

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