Even today uncomplicated and target-oriented budget planning is still very challenging and only few can master it. Though digitization has entered the field a long time ago, still users are not satisfied by offered tools:

  • Central control does not have a proper opportunity to view the status of all applications or to run reporting
  • Applying for budget is always a challenge for the responsible persons because Excel sheets do not provide any validation options and correction loops are very time-consuming
  • For IT the process is not visible at all, since data is not transfered into the SAP systsem until the very last process steps. Therefore the entire potential of the existing SAP system will not be exhausted.

Tailored to the wishes of all involved persons

Our customers attach great importance to solutions for budget planning in SAP BW which are tailored to the wishes of all involved persons: decentralized recording of budget applications directly in the respective departments with subsequent transfer into a clear dashboard for controlling. Afterwards data can for example be analyzed by comparing different scenarios according to parameters you have selected. For the IT staff of our customers it is important to be able to carry out deeper configurations (such as process modeling) at any time.

Budget planning with AGIMENDO – what suits you better?

  • By using AGIMENDO.costplan, our customers benefit from a predefined package. It was was created on the basis of many successful projects and in cooperation with many customers. It already contains many standard processes and functions that are immediately available and ready for use within a few days.
  • For more comprehensive projects, we use the process manager AGIMENDO.process and design individual projects on its own. Our customers especially appreciate the fact that there are virtually no limits to process modeling and the characteristics of the solution.

Do not miss out our two special features for innovative budget planning and learn how predefined content simplifies budget planning in SAP BW in our webinar on AGIMENDO.costplan.

Our complete package for budget planning

With AGIMENDO.costplan, we offer you a predefined and compact solution for budget planning.

Used AGIMENDO product in individual projects

We use our process manager AGIMENDO.process for optimal central controlling of budget planning. Not only does it provide an optimal overview of the processes, it also provides user-optimized dashboards as standard with all important parameters for the status of the planning process.

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Two special features for innovative budget planning

Get perfect overview of all budget requests

To find out which company or work has already provided its current requests, many of our customers often have to click through countless Windows folders. This is often accompanied by the search for the most recent file.

AGIMENDO puts an end to this effort: with the status monitor of AGIMENDO.process, you have everything at a glance. Individually configurable. For example, who has already submitted requests, which requests are validated and which ones are already approved. And much more.

Precise budget predictions by using Predictive Analytics

When implementing a new solution, it is also important for our customers to consider new developments. A very interesting topic is “Predictive Analytics” because it allows real-time predictions for upcoming budget planning rounds, considering the values of current budget planning. In our AGIMENDO products, we have been integrating this technology for some time now, developing valuable tools for decision-makers.

In unseren AGIMENDO-Produkten integrieren wir diese Technologie bereits seit einiger Zeit und entwickeln damit wertvolle Tools für Entscheider.

Customers trusting AGIMENDO for their budget planning

Webinars for budget planning with AGIMENDO - GERMAN ONLY

In our AGIMENDO.costplan webinar, you will get to know our predefined solution for budget planning. With selected and predefined content the implementation and go-live are possible within only a few days.


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