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Starter Package for AGIMENDO.edit - The solution for IT and business department

Planning and reporting processes require a global solution in which the data is recorded in a structured and secure way. This allows processes to be made lean and efficiency can be improved.

The module AGIMENDO.edit supports you in this task. With AGIMENDO.edit you can maintain (master) data in SAP BW. Thanks to the user-friendly interface this is very easy. As a user you can create your SAPUI5 interface without any programming skills.

Furthermore, AGIMENDO.edit allows you to easily create and distribute requests and forms. Based on authorization concepts the data can be processed securely and quickly and even large amounts of data can be filtered, searched and edited at once. Thanks to features such as Excel download and upload, as well as variant management, comfortable working is possible.

AGIMENDO.edit is a solution that is suitable for both business departments and IT. The roles allow the employees to edit their Master Data by themselves and changes do not have to be requested individually.

The core functions of AGIMENDO.edit are self-explanatory. Self-study is often possible via the manual. Our Starter Package is the shortcut to get started quickly. We will guide you through the system and explain the concepts behind AGIMENDO.edit to IT focused users and key-users.


Course Contents

  • Introducing the use interface 
  • Introduction to the variant mannagement
  • Definition of columns and extensions
  • Creating SAPUI5 forms
  • Advanced form options (attachments, JSON views, images)
  • Controlling file attachments for master data
  • UserExit concept and examples for its use
  • Implementation of authorization concepts for data maintenance 
  • Import of master data from Excel and CSV files into AGIMENDO.edit

Training Course Structure

Course Design:
  • 1 day training course a 2x 4 hours blocks
  • Interactive and varied structure through practical use cases and task blocks
  • Practice-oriented exercises
  • On-site or remote training, as preferred 
  • Individual adjustments are possible 
  • You will continue to receive support after the course, during the implementation

Participants / Target-Group

Our Starter Package for AGIMENDO.edit is suitable for: 
  • IT employees who want to provide applications for the business
  • KeyUsers in the business department, who act as an interface between the business department and IT 
  • Existing SAP BW know-how
  • No ABAP or JavaScript required 

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Course Goals

  • Creation, authorization and configuration of views in AGIMENDO.edit
  • Configure SAPUI5 forms
  • Extensions and maintenance
  • Assign roles and control authorizations
  • Integrate analysis permissions
  • Control Excel Up/Download functionalities 

Our Course Offer

  • 1 day of training a 2x 4 hours
  • Specially designed for groups
  • Maximum number of participants: 10 
  • More than 10 participants is possible for an additional charge
  • Requirements: SAP BW with installed AGIMENDO.edit including the SAPUI5 package
  • Remote 
  • Location:  Munich
  • Location:  Heilbronn
  • 1990 € (Remote on customer system) 
  • 2490 € (Remote on IBsolution-system) 
  • 2990 € (Locally on customer system)

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