Success Story: Investment planning at LEONHARD KURZ

Many employees in purchasing and controlling departments know how to plan and control investments in Excel. However, only very few people still think of such solutions – often self-built – as up-to-date and are looking for new, efficient and user-friendly solutions, preferably based on SAP. Just as LEONHARD KURZ.

„AGIMENDO.invest is very user-friendly.
Everything is clear and easy to use.“

SAP-Support FI/CO, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

User needs and requirements

Through years of development, AGIMENDO.invest speaks the language of the users – this was very important to LEONHARD KURZ when searching.

At the beginning, many employees are convinced that their work processes are too individual and company-specific. At LEONHARD KURZ once again the challenge was taken up. Result: AGIMENDO.invest is flexible enough to realize processes for the planning and control of investments to 80% in standard and to 20% in individual implementing.

„The pre-built investment plan is very flexible and we were able to define it specifically for our needs.“

Business Department, Finanical Accounting, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

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Implementation and startup

Together with the business departments, IT departments are the important partners for the implementation – from demo meetings to evaluation and implementation, we are more than happy to involve everybody in the processes. The IT department of LEONHARD KURZ is happy to confirm the smooth implementation of AGIMENDO.invest. The add-on is simply implemented via transport order and off you go. The business department then works almost independently in AGIMENDO.invest and IT has more free resources.

„Our IT department immediately had great confidence in the AGIMENDO team and was happy to stay out of the way. Within two days the system was already live in operation.“

Doris Noll, Head of Controlling, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

Essential in everyday working life: Individual processes

After installing the add-on, LEONHARD KURZ defined which fields were required in their request forms, who has which authorizations, what the approval workflow looks like, and what years are planned. They also decided which fields are mandatory and which are optional.

„The adjustments we wanted were implemented in a very short time. AGIMENDO.invest becomes a very flexible tool very shortly.“


All investments under control at all times

At LEONHARD KURZ, employees will from now on enter their investment applications dezentralized and very simply in the browser, while Controlling retains an overview in a special cockpit. No matter what kind of investment it is. In addition, the data is then processed directly in the ERP system.

„The direct processing of plan data and the associated time savings for loading the data are a considerable simplification.“

SAP-Support FI/CO, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

At the end of the day: a reliable solution that satisfies business and IT

Using AGIMENDO.invest LEONHARD KURZ benefits from the advantages of standard software – namely a favourable price and fast implementation in the system – and is nevertheless able to adjust all important parameters individually.

„There were no difficulties with the implementation of AGIMENDO.invest.“


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