Accurate and clear project management and planning is a crucial basis in order to optimally support the strategic development of your company. Especially in times when more and more projects are being carried out simultaneously and the staff carries more and more responsibilities, all stakeholders have different needs and requirements. For example: while for project managers it is crucial to manage single projects and being able to drill down into single project steps, for controlling and board members it is in the same important to have the possibility to cumulate projects and get an overall insight into the status of several projects.

This is only one example out of many where an end-to-end project management solution has to meet the needs of all persons involved. It is way easier to do so when focusing on only one part of the process, this is why most solutions only focus on e.g. planning or approvals or execution. But everyone who has been involved in project management for a while knows that the problems arise exactly between these steps. When data has to be copied from one system to another and only parts of the data are copied correctly.

Integrated in SAP

AGIMENDO.project‘s software solution is fully integrated with SAP and BW. It is used to create, prioritise, plan and analyse investment initiatives in the most user-friendly way using the SAP latest UI5 (Fiori) user interface.

Once the investment initiatives are approved they are automatically created as projects in SAP Project System. SAP PS and Noveco enable you to plan your projects in more detail, plan costs and resources, procure services and materials, forecast and monitor progress, run reports and more.

Noveco is an add-on to SAP PS that extends its functionality (for more detail:

The project information is rolled up from PS to AGIMENDO via SAP BW, providing your 360-degree overview of your company program and project planning and execution.

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How you benefit

The perfect Combination
  • Fully integrated Program and Project management processes within SAP system
  • Connects Investment Planning and Project execution
  • Simplifies user experience in SAP
  • Centralizes all processes in integrated SAP system
  • Reduces number of interdependent systems and interfaces needed
  • Reduce costs of maintenance and support of systems other than SAP
  • Decreases potential for errors of data entry and manipulation
  • Improves quality, transparency and accuracy of data
  • Excel sheet free process
  • Unleashes the true power of integrated SAP system
The perfect Planning (AGIMENDO.project)
  • Initiating, requesting and approving project (projects to be)
  • Clear planning process
  • Integration of all parties involved, such as project managers, project controlling and finance department
  • Definition of important project information to be filled into the project application form
  • Integrated chat/comment function to increase process efficiency
  • Upload of attachments (e.g. profitability calculations or business plans)
  • Decentralised application for projects
  • Centralised control and administration of applications
  • Individual definition of planning process
  • Integrated approval workflow
The perfect Management (NOVECO)
  • Create detailed project structure with WBS hierarchy and Network Activities
  • Estimate costs and create cost plan on project
  • Define start and finish dates of project activities and time phase out project costs
  • Allocate required resources
  • Run procurement of services and materials (directly to project or via workorders)
  • Perform Cost Forecasting: manually and automatically
  • Forecast Cash Flow
  • Manage Project Variations
  • Progress Analysis
  • Review Project KPIs in graphical format
  • Run detailed operational reports
  • Feed the results back to the program level


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How it is done

Step 1: Long term planning in SAP BW with add-on AGIMENDO

Every project life cycle starts with planning and requesting of budget. AGIMENDO.project provides the entire process of project planning, requesting and in-app-approving.

Project managers are included into the system as well as controlling and board members, so none has to leave the system at any point and everyone is always on track about the status.

Project managers start by planning, budgeting and requesting projects. They easily create budget applications for new projects in user-friendly interfaces and fill in all necessary planning-data, such as project name, required budget, start and end date.

Controlling is than able to check and edit these budget applications and send them into the approval workflow as soon as they are filled in completely and correctly. Once approved directly in AGIMENDO.project all stakeholders receive a notification about the approval of the project.

The SAP BW add-on AGIMENDO.project is easily implemented into your SAP BW and works with standard SAP BW tools.

Step 2: Short Term planning in SAP PS with add-on NOVECO

Approved projects in AGIMENDO are automatically generated as projects in SAP Project System (PS). Each project in PS is described with detailed structure by WBS hierarchy and Network Activities. Projects can vary in size from small, i.e. performing routine maintenance to large such as building of a new power plant.

With NOVECO Estimating solution a detail cost plan can be developed and allocated to WBS or/and Network Activities within the project structure. The detailed cost plan will contain resources, materials and services required to complete the project. The total value of project planned costs must be within the approved budget allocated in AGIMENDO.

Using SAP standard Project System and Asset Management, you can start procurement of materials and service, spend funds on labour and overheads. At the end of each month all collected costs will be settled to Fixed Assets or Assets Under construction.

Each project in SAP PS must be completed on time and within budget, therefore with NOVECO Project Management and Forecasting solutions each project will go through a month end review process, where project managers and cost controllers will review projects progress, update forecasts, approve variations etc. Project’s Key Performance Indicators will be updated and saved in SAP standard databased.

Every project KPIs will be pushed to BW, so it can be seen by AGIMENDO.project on consolidated Program level.

Step 3: Analytics in SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud)

After the long-term and short-term planning of the projects, extensive reporting is available in the SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud). There all available and important key figures are made available in clear dashboards. All reports follow the internationally recognized IBCS rules (Hichert) and precisely meet the needs of the people involved.

Project managers can “break down” their reporting according to their projects and view, for example, the project progress, the budget status and the plan/actual comparison. Controlling and management enter reporting via a cumulative view of all projects, but also have the option of detailed project reporting.

As a cloud service, SAC offers all the possibilities of modern reporting tools: from real-time analyses and self-service to big data. In terms of reporting, SAC is the ideal complement to project management for AGIMENDO.project and NOVECO.

Terms and prices

Delivery and Technical Requirements

Delivery: AGIMENDO.project is available in the cloud or on premise in SAP BW. SAP BW version is delivered to you as a transport request along with the basic module AGIMENDO.edit.
Technical requirements (on premise): SAP BW System with activated SAP Gateway 2.0 SP 05 or SAP NetWeaver Gateway Foundation 7.4/7.5 & SAP UI Interface Component.
Delivery: NOVECO can be installed as an add-on or via transport requests.
Technical requirements: SAP ECC or S4 HANA any releases and any support packages.