ONE entry point into all processes. A dream? A solution!

[Blog Article] Perhaps you know that: with some people you are chatting via WhatsApp, with some by text message, with others by email and others you always have to call, otherwise you will not receive an answer anyway. Or because they are not using any of the aforementioned communication channels. But in general you would rather like to communicate with all them in the same way.

However, where in private terms it usually just stays an unpleasant circumstance, this topic can sometimes get painful in the professional environment. For example, if there are too many means of communication in your own company. And with all the telephones, emails, chats, intranets and bill-boards you don’t even know how to contact which colleague. Especially because not every colleague is logged in everywhere and always.

That is only the beginning of this topic. The problem is also evident, for example, in the process of procuring information. Because even here many companies lack a mature concept. Production data, purchasing data, personal data, sales figures – they are all stored in different databases and in the worst case they are not even linked. From SAP to Microsoft and Oracle to cloud solutions – the choice is huge and it is getting bigger every day.

If a company needs to collect data and information from various departments or companies, chaos is bound to occur. While some of them automatically transfer their data into the system, others enter their data manually and others send it to the controlling department by mail. Simple and homogeneous processes are far away.

The solution is as simple as it is ingenious: allow your users to work in one process and system as often and for as long as possible. Or at least provide all the important data in one system. The SAP BW add-on AGIMENDO already supports many companies in collecting data from different departments and companies directly to the SAP system (see the webinar video of our example: how to simplify your monthly reporting). And with the Fiori Launchpad SAP offers a great way to make every user happy with one single entry to processes and systems. There users can call up the most important programs, evaluations and much more, individually and from one starting point.

This simplifies the communication of your colleagues and thus their workaday life.

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