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Hardly any planning has to be as flexible, agile and at the same time as reliable as the planning of personnel costs. Mostly because of two factors that make this planning outstanding from other types of planning:

  1. Hardly any other planning has to consider so many specialities (e.g. insurance subsidies and bonuses) and changes during the year (e.g. employee entries and exits, parental leave) as personnel cost planning.
  2. At the same time, however, personnel costs are responsible for a large part of the total costs in many companies and therefore require special care.

In order for your personnel cost planning to meet these requirements, you are now planning in well-arranged user interfaces and with just a few mouse clicks, while the central (HR) controlling keeps constant insight into the planning.

Personnel Cost Planning SAP BW HR Cost planning

Because there are always many colleagues involved in personnel cost planning, we have learned that predefined processes are important for you and that planning and reporting have to be closely linked. Furthermore, it is fundamental to be able to easily understand the underlying calculation rules.

The hybrid approach and the 100% integration into your SAP system allows communication with your operational systems (SAP HCM, SuccessFactors or NON-SAP systems) so that colleagues that are in charge for departments can create new positions directly in the software, for example by retraction.

With AGIMENDO.personnel you will always make the right decisions and will always keep track of your personnel development.

Innovative personnel cost planning: No extra tool. 100% integrated into your SAP system. Planning based on actions.

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Features of AGIMENDO.personnel

Define Actions

For an optimal overview of your personnel development, you are defining various actions that are available to your planners. For example the following actions can be defined:

  • Onboarding
  • Offboarding
  • Shift/Relocation
  • Salary Adjustment
  • Change of Employee Group
  • Increase/Reduction
  • Overall Increase/Overall Reduction

Your colleagues that are in charge for departments then plan their personnel costs based on these actions.

FTE values or costs

AGIMENDO.personnel allows you to plan your personnel costs either based on full-time equivalent (FTE) values or based on costs. If you decide to use FTE values for planning, you can easily define comprehensible calculation rules that automatically calculate your FTE values.

For example, if you make an increase in the FTE values, AGIMENDO.personnel automatically calculates the appropriate salary adjustments, social insurance contributions from the employer, and potential additional monthly salaries based on your calculation rules. If a vacant position is edited via pay scale classification AGIMENDO.personnel automatically assesses these position.

Submit from anywhere, approve from a central point of control

Employees in charge for departments edit data decentralized throughout the company, while (HR) controlling approves centrally and keeps insight into the process.

Functional Reporting

AGIMENDO.personnel offers a functional reporting within the planning application (see screenshots). Thereby you will always keep track of your personnel cost planning. SAPUI5 technology provides well-arranged and meaningful dashboards, in which in addition to tables you can also graph data, like for example the percentage FTE change and the absolute cost change.

With this operational reporting, you are optimally prepared for your planning phase and the meeting with your central managers. The reports also allow comparisons between different planning periods and comparisons of planned and actual data.


In addition to personnel cost planning as part of the annual budget planning, a forecast/estimate during the year is an important means of cost controlling.

With AGIMENDO.personnel you are able to mix the personnel costs during the year with the actual data from the payroll and always have an up-to-date view of the entire year.

This forecast can be enriched with features of Predictive Analytics.

Communication with operational systems

AGIMENDO.personnel is 100% integrated into your SAP system and can therefore communicate with your operational systems, SAP HCM, SuccessFactors or NON-SAP, without any problems.

If, for example, new positions have been created in a planning process, they can be retracted into the operative SAP HCM and automatically get created.

It is also possible to communicate with NON-SAP solutions, for example using the Excel upload and download function of AGIMENDO.personnel.


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How you benefit from AGIMENDO.personnel

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