“We are using a SAP system, but our entire investment planning process is currently running outside this system. We want to change this and transfer it to our SAP system.”

Many of our customers have come to us with this in mind. AGIMENDO.invest takes up exactly this idea. It transfers the planning of your investments into your SAP system with the help of predefined processes and important functions. All in one software and everything individually adaptable to your requirements.


Cost managers request budget and investments directly via investment applications in the SAP system. A central unit (e.g. central controlling or investment purchasing) monitors the requests and controls the process. Other participants are flexibly integrated into the process at any time. The applications are then decided in an approval workflow that is individually dependent on the parameters of the application. A clear reporting in the usual reporting interfaces as well as an automatic creation of e.g. WBS elements complete the investment planning.

Your benefits of SAP-integrated investment planning and controlling:

  • Use all data from your SAP system required for your investment planning
  • Further use of all your data generated in investment planning in the SAP system (ERP)
  • Simple controlling and monitoring of your planning process by a central unit
  • Comfortable decision on investment projects by management and controlling
  • Responsibilities and approval processes based on existimg roles and authorizations in your SAP system

What our customers say

„AGIMENDO.invest is extremely user-friendly. Everything is clear and easy to use.“

SAP-Support FI/CO / LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

„Our IT department immediately had a great deal of confidence in the AGIMENDO team and was happy to keep out completely. Within two days, the system was already live.“

Doris Noll / Head of Controlling, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

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Features and Impressions

Decentralised applications for investments

Those responsible for costs apply for decentralised investments in applications that you define. The definition of the applications happens very uncomplicated during the implementating and customizing of AGIMENDO.invest.

Consolidation of all requested investments

In the central view all investments applied for are displayed and so it is easy to make a preselection as to which investments are to be included in the approval run and which are not.

Approval workflow

Define an approval workflow for your investments and let your management easily approve them directly in the tool. The approvers are informed by e-mail about pending approvals.

Integrated chat-/commenting solution

Within planning, all parties involved communicate efficiently directly in each request. This function also handles the history of all changes and saves you the usual amount of e-mail traffic.

Reporting and Forecasting

To provide an optimal overview to all parties involved at all times, comprehensive and individual reporting and forecasting possibilities can be implemented in customizing. For example, plan/actual comparisons or rolling forecasting.

SAP integrated

In customizing AGIMENDO.invest M you can provide the planned investments to your SAP ERP at the end of the planning process. This means, for example, WBS (PSP) elements can be created and filled.

Featurevideos AGIMENDO.invest M (approx. 35 sec each)

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Requirement Specification

Create your specifications for a new CAPEX planning tool in less than 1 hour.

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A customer shows how CapEx planning succeeds with AGIMENDO.invest. (German Language)

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Features und Scope

The Planning Process

Investment planning with AGIMENDO.invest provides two planning phaes:
First, the budget for investments in the coming year or years (planning horizon freely selectable) is planned in budget planning. This budget can then be called up during the investment realization phase.

Further planning steps are available within the planning steps, such as defining central guidelines for individual company areas and entering and approving applications.

Planning Phases in investment planning
Applications (for Budget and Investments)

In the application (see feature videos and screenshots above), cost managers enter their budgets and investment plans conveniently and in pleasant interfaces. The desired form parameters and attributes are defined during the introduction of AGIMENDO.invest. You can define different applications for budget planning and investment realization. Whether dropdown, value entry or date picker – the modern SAPUI5 user interfaces provide optimum support in the process and are state-of-the-art.

Additional forms with additional parameters can be defined for central units (such as central controlling or purchasing). Thus for example depreciation information, which the applicants are not able to fill in, can only be filled in by a central unit.

Roles and Authorizations

AGIMENDO.invest provides various roles for the planning of investments, for which defined tasks and possibilities are provided. Investment Controlling and Purchasing own the most powerful role as a central unit. The control the entire process, check all applications and can forward applications to approval. Applicants can apply for budget and call up budget and investments. Approvers decide on applications and reporting users can view planned budgets and investments. Often individual users take on several roles, so that the central unit also has access to reporting.

Rolles and Authorizations in investment management
Communication in the Process

For communication in the investment planning process, AGIMENDO.invest provides the option of entering comments in all applications. This creates a communication that is similar to a chat between the individual participants such as applicants, controlling/purchasing and approvers. For example, all entries can be viewed for each participant. For traceability, rules can be defined for which changes to which fields should be automatically written down (example in the attached image: a status change is automatically recorded as a comment).

Communication in investment planning
More Information

Languages: German and English as standard, all other languages on request.

Maintenance and service: A maintenance contract is optionally available (see below). In addition, a ticket-based service contract can be concluded (for further information please contact us).

Terms and prices

Delivery: AGIMENDO.invest (on premise) is delivered to you as a transport request along with the basic module AGIMENDO.edit.
Technical requirements (on premise): SAP BW System with activated SAP Gateway 2.0 SP 05 or SAP NetWeaver Gateway Foundation 7.4/7.5 & SAP UI Interface Component.

How you benefit from AGIMENDO.invest

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