“We are using a SAP system, but our entire investment planning process is currently running outside this system. We want to change this and transfer it to our SAP system.”

Many of our customers have come to us with this in mind. AGIMENDO.invest takes up exactly this idea and transfers the planning of your investments into your SAP system with the help of predefined processes and important functions. Everything in one software and everything individually adaptable to your requirements.

Together with our customers we designed and developed AGIMENDO.invest in a conceptual project. We investigated ten processes for investment controlling and investment planning and bundled the knwoledge in AGIMENDO.invest. The advantages of a well-structured planning of investments directly in SAP became very clear:

  • Communication with SAP possible (transfer of necessary information)
  • Complete control for central controlling
  • Management comfortably decides on investment requests

What our customers say

„AGIMENDO.invest is extremely user-friendly. Everything is clear and easy to use.“

SAP-Support FI/CO / LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

„Our IT department immediately had a great deal of confidence in the AGIMENDO team and was happy to keep out completely. Within two days, the system was already live.“

Doris Noll / Head of Controlling, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

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How you benefit from AGIMENDO.invest

Terms and prices

32,500 $
One-time fixed price per system line, plus VAT.
Includes AGIMENDO.edit Professional Edition license.
2 approval levels
from 82,500 $
One-time fixed price per system line, plus VAT.
All features from M, plus:
Flexible management of validations
Calculations of further derived key figures
Calculation of scenarios
... and many other individual possibilities.
Delivery: The AGIMENDO.edit basic module is delivered to you as a transport request along with the installation guide.
Technical requirements: SAP BW system 7.0 SP15 and higher
Maintenance contract (optional): 21% p.a. of the list price

Additional Packages for AGIMENDO.invest

Expand your AGIMENDO.invest package exactly according to your requirements and ideas.


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