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Querying data and information is an essential part of many business processes. Whether in recurrent processes such as the monthly reporting, the personnel and investment planning, or in irregular processes such as the defining of contacts for the Christmas mailing.

In all these cases using forms is the best way for a successful data retrieval. Enabling you to carry out these data retrievals directly in SAP BW and as efficiently as possible, AGIMENDO.forms offers four major advantages:

  • Integrate connected SAP BW data directly into your forms, thanks to the full implementation in SAP BW
  • Enable your colleagues to easily access created forms, thanks to the preparation of links
  • Automatically complete forms with personal data of the respective user from the user root
  • Define individual entry points into the form process for all participants, thanks to the modular structure

No sending back and forth of Excel files

Avoid sending Excel files back and forth and simplify your and your colleagues everyday life:
create a form -> send form -> complete form -> and get an automatic report of the content.

Forms in SAP BW with AGIMENDO.forms

Benefit from the innovative SAPUI5 interfaces

AGIMENDO.forms is based on the successful product AGIMENDO.edit, using the innovative SAPUI5 interfaces. That’s why you and your colleagues benefit from the advantages of this surface technology:

  • Use of dropdown boxes and checkboxes with fixed values
  • Provision of currency fields, decimal numbers, and date/time pickers
  • Add forms to FIORI launchpads, thanks to SAPUI5 technology

Create forms in SAP BW easily and forward them.

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This webinar is in German language. Live-Demo of AGIMENDO.forms starts at 13:23 min.


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