Nowadays almost every company deals with planning several business divisions, what gets even more time-consuming by consolidating Excel sheets and delivering visibility into actions. is the solution for all these problems and represents an add-on for your SAP-system to make your work easier. Strictly adapted to the needs of our customers you simply create actions and add them to an overall plan. With the help of a filter function you then simulate different scenarios and get on top of which ones are promising. Thereby you save power and time and become professional in planning your future on a short and on a long term.

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Configurable calculation scheme provides you with a predefined scheme for your state of income that can easily be configured and extendet. The definition of this calculation scheme is managed from a central location and can be configurated online decentrally. Online customizing is easy to understand and there is no technical expertise required so that customizing and managing can be done by business users. Additionally the clear presentation of the single calculation steps leads to a great transparancy concerning the composition of your key figures and the identifying of mistakes.

Financial planning for business divisions enables you to strategically plan the development of the financial key figures for your business divisions over a period of one to five years. You can leverage a variety of features that allow you to, for example, transfer your actual values into the first year of planning. For each year that you plan, you will be able to see the percentage variance from your current situation, enabling you keep tabs on whether the development of your business divisions is on track. The ability to create different versions, from worst case scenario to final version, and to take different actions into consideration gives you a customized and coordinated planning experience.

Planning and managing actions

Strategic financial planning for your business divisions may require you to consider different actions – such as investing in a new production plant – and their impact on the bottom line. offers the possibility to maintain actions and plan them separately. The management of planned values is based on the same calculation scheme that is provided for your basic planning. Using the reporting view, you can then look at your basic planning and the different actions planned individually or combine them into a single view. A filter lets you conveniently decide which actions to include. This gives you the ability to quickly and easily simulate different scenarios and decide whether to take a specific action or not.

Managing multipe planning versions

One of the main advantages of is that it lets you manage multiple versions of a plan without getting confused or running the risk of accidentally overwriting data. This makes it easy for you to simulate and compare different scenarios (best case, worst case, etc.) and to customize and coordinate your planning processes. You get to conveniently define which versions you will allow to be planned throughout the company.


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