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AGIMENDO.edit is the perfect solution for employees who need to manage master data in SAP BW. This add-on to SAP BW enhances the standard functionality of SAP, which falls short when it comes to addressing the challenges of master data management, for example because it lacks an authorization concept. AGIMENDO.edit delivers an intuitive user experience that simplifies master data maintenance and the definition of maintenance processes in a way that empowers business users to perform these tasks autonomously. They don’t have to rely on the IT department for assistance, allowing them to work faster, more efficiently, and more flexibly.

AGIMENDO.edit enables you to:

  • create and edit master data in SAP BW through a web-based interface.
  • easily upload and download data via Excel and CSV files.
  • create your own data maintenance forms.
  • assign characteristics and attributes to data records.
  • implement sophisticated authorization concepts for your data maintenance.
  • search, filter, and manage large amounts of data simultaneously.

You can do all of this as a business user. Without requiring any programming knowledge, without having to access the SAP GUI, without permanently asking your IT department for help, and without having to go through an unmanageable implementation project.

A detailed look at AGIMENDO.edit

Your situation

  • You are a product manager and would like to conduct your action planning taking into account the latest products that are not yet available in the SAP system?
  • You are a sales manager and would like to add attributes to your sales planning that have not yet been created in your SAP BW system?
  • You are the responsible BW administrator in your company and are spending way too much time creating or modifying data for your colleagues in the business departments?
  • You are working in an IT department and constantly have to rely on MS Excel to maintain your data and importing it into SAP BW is an error-ridden process?

Your requirements

  • Decentralized SAP data and master data maintenance without requiring backend access (SAP GUI) and programming skills, allowing you to create, edit, and add data.
  • Assignment of internal and external master data, e.g. when purchasing marketing data.
  • Enrichment of existing master data with characteristics and attributes that are relevant for planning and reporting purposes only.
  • Simulation of data, that is, creating data, e.g. in order to plan new customer or market scenarios.

The solution

The AGIMENDO.edit SAP add-on is delivered to you as a transport request and can be installed in your SAP BW system in an instant. Once installed, AGIMENDO.edit will allow you to conveniently maintain you master data (InfoObjects).

Existing applications remain unaffected by the operation of AGIMENDO.edit. A sophisticated authorization concept ensures that users can only view and edit the data intended for them. Highly configurable user interfaces, for example with the option to hide or show different attributes, provide a very intuitive user experience that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Straightforward implementation

  • Extremely short project timelines: It’s all in the configuration, no programming needed.
  • Intuitive user experience: No training necessary.
  • Reduces the workload on your IT department and your dependency on it.
  • No additional effort: Existing applications ins SAP BW are not affected by AGIMENDO.edit.
  • Ready out of the box.

How it benefits you every day

  • Use it universally across all scenarios and for all master data objects in SAP BW (reporting and planning).
  • Create and maintain of master data without any IT background.
  • Customize user interfaces with no programming involved (e.g. by defining the attributes to be displayed).
  • Ensure seamless and consistent planning and get meaningful reports.

Extended use

AGIMENDO.edit can not only be easily and instantly deployed, it can also be integrated with other applications. This allows you to develop your own application parts for writing, reading, viewing or editing master data based on AGIMENDO.edit – complete with authorization concepts and flexible interface controls.

Choose between two interface packages

AGIMENDO.edit shines in both WebDynpro and modern SAPUI5 interfaces and is used in both interfaces by many customers. By purchasing an AGIMENDO.edit license you receive both interface packages and choose individually which interfaces you want to use for which purpose.

Customers who licensed AGIMENDO.edit without SAPUI5 interfaces (licensing before October 1st, 2017) are able to update their interfaces with the AGIMENDO.sapui5 enablement box. Learn more …

Screenshots AGIMENDO.edit in SAPUI5

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Screenshots AGIMENDO.edit in WebDynpro

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AGIMENDO.edit makes your business users working more efficiently and relieves your IT department.

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Thomas Döscher

»AGIMENDO.edit has enabled our employees to edit master data right in SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse without having to request every single modification first. We now spend much less time maintaining our data and reduced the workload on the IT department by eliminating time-consuming routine tasks.«

Thomas Döscher / Chief Financial Officer, NORDMILCH AG (now DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH)

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