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AGIMENDO.costplan gives you exactly what you need to streamline your cost center planning: employees get to submit their data from across the company. The data is stored directly in SAP BW. It serves as a central repository from which planning managers and controllers can access and analyze it without the hassles of having to manually consolidate different Excel sheets. As a next step, you can conveniently compare different planning versions in a simulation and analyze them, considering any relevant aspects and planning characteristics. You can also manage the process from a single point of control, preventing you from ever losing track of its status. Your users are guided through the process and all plan tasks are carried out in the right order. AGIMENDO.costplan helps you avoid errors, ensure the quality of your planning, and reduce maintenance hassles to a minimum, allowing you to focus on what’s really relevant to your planning.

Cost planning is complex enough. Make its process as simple as possible.

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A detailed look at AGIMENDO.costplan

Cost planning

AGIMENDO.costplan provides you with a convenient way to plan cost center costs based on where they are incurred. You can do so using a variety of features. For example by creating a forecast based on the actual values from previous years, which you can then include in your planning as either a weighted or unweighted forecast. Naturally, you can always continue to work on the planning values. You can either plan your costs at the top level of the hierarchy and disaggregate them to the individual costs centers or directly enter them for each cost center. You can plan your costs in more than one version and use the simulation to contrast and compare the different versions. The assessment allows you to shift costs within the cost center.

Approval workflow

AGIMENDO.costplan gives you a two-step approval process. Once the planner has entered the planning data, it can then be released for the designated approver, allowing him or her to access and approve it. The approver is notified by email and can choose to either reject or approve the plan.


AGIMENDO.costplan also comes with comprehensive reporting capabilities that allow you to always stay on top your cost planning. Various tables and charts are available to compare planned figures with actual costs to track the quality of your planning. You have complete visibility into the workflow status of your planning versions and can compare the planned costs for each version. Finally, you are provided with at-a-glance views of the costs broken down by functional area, including any deviations from last year’s figures and from your planning data.

To show what our solution is capable of, it comes complete with a reporting dashboard based on SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio.

Assigning permissions

To avoid confusion, AGIMENDO.costplan allows you to set user permissions for your cost planning. This way, you can make sure that planners can only plan and view the data relevant to their respective cost centers. You also get to decide which plans can be submitted and which employee within the organization is the responsible approver.


AGIMENDO.costplan enables you to manage multiple plan versions without getting confused and without running the risk of overwriting data by accident. This makes it easy for you to compare and simulate different scenarios (best case, worst case, etc.) and to conveniently define which versions can still be planned.


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