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AGIMENDO.calc has a calculation core that can be used for a variety of calculations in your company – for example for the calculation and validation of key figures for balance sheets, P&L statements, and sales activities. Forget about the hassles of programming Fox formulas and ABAP routines. The SAP BW add-on is installed in no time and makes it easy for you to model and adapt your calculation rules through a graphical editor. You can manage the algorithms for your company’s key figures from a single point of control. By isolating them from your technical infrastructure, you can easily reuse them for a wide range of applications. AGIMENDO.calc finally allows financial accounting and controlling departments to customize calculation rules, plausibility checks, and the relationships between key figures without having to involve the IT department.

AGIMENDO.calc enables you to ...

  • centrally manage all SAP BW KPIs along with their definitions and calculation algorithms through a web-based user interface.
  • easily create and edit even complex calculation rules using a graphical editor.
  • execute automatic test procedures for algorithms.
  • reuse formulas for different calculations without having to copy them.
  • understand exactly how key figures are determined.

You can do all of this without having to access the SAP GUI, without requiring any programming knowledge, without taking up your IT department’s time, and without having to go through an unmanageable implementation project.

A detailed look at AGIMENDO.calc

Your situation

Your calculation rules, for example for balance sheet accounting or sales planning purposes, are defined and stored across multiple systems. Any modification you make costs your users and IT experts valuable time. This lack of integration carries a high risk of error because one and the same key figure must be redefined for different calculations over and over again.

Your requirements

You want to provide your business users and IT staff with visibility into how key business indicators are pulled from the system. What’s more, you want your business departments to be able to make their own modifications to calculation rules and the relationships between key figures without having to go through the IT department.

The solution

The AGIMENDO.calc SAP add-on is delivered to you as a transport request and can be installed in your SAP BW system in an instant. Once installed, AGIMENDO.calc will allow you to manage all key figures for your planning and reporting processes from a single point of control. Existing applications, planning layouts, and reports remain unaffected by the operation on AGIMENDO.calc and require no adjustments. Rather, you can easily integrate them with the process flows.

Straightforward implementation

  • Extremely short project timelines: It’s all in the configuration, no programming needed.
  • Intuitive user experience: Extremely low learning curve for everyone involved.
  • Reduces the workload on your IT department.
  • No additional effort: Existing applications ins SAP BW are not affected by AGIMENDO.calc.
  • Ready out of the box.

How it benefits you every day

  • Ensure plausible and reliable key figures based on reproducible and transparent calculations.
  • Minimize maintenance by having to create each formula only once.
  • Maintain key figures and calculation rules, all without requiring IT support.
  • Guarantee outstanding data quality based on various test procedures and validation functions.

Extended use

AGIMENDO.calc can not only be easily and instantly deployed, it can also be integrated with other applications. This allows you to develop your own application parts that require you to define your own KPIs along with the underlying calculation rules based on AGIMENDO.calc – complete with a graphical editor and automated testing.

Full control of your key figures: Define calculation rules autonomously and make calculations transparent.

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Why deciding AGIMENDO.calc

What our customers say

„AGIMENDO.calc is used to calculate key figure models, which would be very complex to implement with SAP standard tools. The agimendo.calc models provide an easy to use tool to calculate key figures in a long a calc tree with complex calculation operations.“

Daniel Lorenz / Evonik Industries

„We use Agimendo.calc to calculate a (simple) hierarchical key figure model. End users can maintain the model by themself. In some areas improvement would be desireable (transport, versioning).”

Pedja Davidovic / TTS Tooltechnik

Terms and prices

Fast, flexible and transparent reports: no problem at all with AGIMENDO.calc.

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