For our partners AGIMENDO is a valuable opportunity to win projects and build sustainable customer relationships. AGIMENDO solutions are standardized and proprietary add-ons to SAP BW that were designed to provide quick and easy solutions to recurring customer requests in an IT-driven workplace. Even better: Our add-ons can be used productively in no time, provide an intuitive user experience, are available at a fixed price, and can be freely combined with each other. Find all our solutions and use-cases in the AGIMENDO portfolio.

Who can become a partner?

The AGIMENDO solutions are sold and implemented by our partners. Completely independent and with the highest customer protection. Patnership is open to every consulting company, systems integrator, and freelancer with experience in SAP ERP and SAP BW.

Our partners can choose from two attractive business models that allow them to generate revenue from both license sales and consulting projects:

  • Resellers: You acquire new customers and refer them to our AGIMENDO integration partners. In exchange, you receive a commission on the AGIMENDO licences you sell and, if applicable, a commission for brokering the corresponding consulting projects.
  • Integration partner: You realize your own AGIMENDO projects for your customers (implementation, consulting, development), charge them for services rendered, and receive a commission for the AGIMENDO licences you sell.

AGIMENDO serves many of our partners as a “door opener”.

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AGIMENDO opens up exciting opportunities

Acquire new customers and new projecs more easily

Projects that involve AGIMENDO solutions are small in scope, virtually risk free, and can be offered at a fixed price, making it a lot easier for you to land projects with new customers than it would be with custom developments and their often unpredictable costs. And once a customer has gotten to know you, they are likely to contact you again for follow-up projects.

Outshine the competition with much better prices

The number of person-days for custom-built SAP extensions can quickly go into the hundreds. Solutions based on AGIMENDO are much more cost-efficient, often a mere one-fifth of the cost or even less. AGIMENDO modules can be installed within hours. An unbeatable argument when bidding against competitors – especially when the budget is tight.

Promote customer loyalty and make the most of consulting budgets

Our affordable fixed prices will not strain your customers’ budgets, enabling them to pursue follow-up projects. Instead of having to waste a large share of their budgets on custom developments, you can offer extended consulting services. Moreover, all existing AGIMENDO customers (more than 50 installations) are highly pleased with their solutions, making follow-up projects an (almost) sure thing.

Take on more projects and better use your staff resources

With extremely short project timelines, AGIMENDO solutions are perfectly suited to generate revenue even when time is sparse, for example between two major projects. AGIMENDO solutions deliver enhancements to the the standard functionality of SAP systems and can be conveniently programmed and configured in Web Dynpro, ABAP, and SAP BW, giving your customers high quality solutions at a fraction of the effort usually involved.

Develop new business segments

AGIMENDO provides you with an easy way to expand your service portfolio and develop new business segments without the usual obstacles. You are provided with fully documented solutions that are implemented through a combination of software and installation guide and configured in a graphical user interface – without affecting any other applications in your SAP system. This provides a stable framework for the development your own, project-driven customizations. You won’t find an easier way to get started with SAP BW!

Here is what our partners say

„The implementation of AGIMENDO was no problem for us as a partner. We were very well supported and were able to generate new customers.“

Andreas Hardt / Logic 1

AGIMENDO.edit enabled us to implement a solution for master data maintenance for business users shortly. Thanks to the flexibility, we were able to meet the needs of the business department as well as the restrictions of IT.

Denis Titho / Conogy

Best support for our partners

We are happy to welcome you on board as a new partner soon. Don’t hesistate to contact us and talk to us directly to learn more. As soon as you are accredited as a partner, you get to access our training catalogue, our partner area with our technical documentation, the latest information, and test licences (including access to our demo system). What’s more, you will be assigned a designated partner manager as your first point of contact at IBsolution GmbH who will keep you up to date on the latest developments and assist you with your questions and problems.

Timo Hasenohr
Sales Executive AGIMENDO

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