„Although we are using SAP, our entire investment planning process currently happens outside of SAP. We want to change this and transfer our investment planning into our SAP (BW) system.” With this statement, more and more companies are contacting us. Let us approach this problem together

We combine the requirements of our customers with our know-how and create a smart solution for investment planning.

Already defined core objectives of our solution:

  • Replacing Excel sheets and other processes (mostly historically grown) outside of SAP
  • Including all processes and related activities within one central tool (e.g. communication to each request)
  • Displaying different views and authorizations for requesters/applicants, approvers and controlling
  • Providing an overview of applications and the following steps for all involved persons
  • Retraction of data at the end of the investment process into SAP ERP (e.g. IM)

In addition to these core objectives, we will include further functionalities in the application according to your requirements.

Your exclusive Savings

A little preview

With modern SAPUI5 technologies, we provide modern and simple interfaces to all involved persons: requesters/applicants, approvers and controllers.

Furthermore, two planning phases are intended (budget planning and investment realization). In addition to various possibilities for individualization, a great repertoire of possibilities for controlling and reporting are provided.

Please note: all pictures show only examples. All forms, views, etc. can be customized individually.

(Please click on the pictures for more information.)

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Sounds interesting to you?

Then take a look at our demo and decide in early December whether you would like to participate and become a conceptual partner in the project.

Suggest some meeting dates and we will get back to you as soon as possible. A meeting only takes 20 minutes and gives you a good insight whether the application suits you.

Agenda for our Demo-Meeting
Duration: 20 min
5 min: Presentation of AGIMENDO
10 min: Demo AGIMENDO.invest M
5 min: Time for Questions
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