AGIMENDO.edit – Variant Management


[New Feature]By using the new feature in AGIMENDO.edit you can group different filter settings together as a variant and save it as a favorite. This spares you the repeated, manual application of different filters. You can also apply more than one filter setting for a column. The variant management allows you to switch between the different variants quickly and easily. Learn how to use the new feature in AGIMENDO.edit.

Your Overview of the Variants

For an easy and user-friendly switching between the different variants, an additional button has been introduced in the upper right corner next to the save button. All variants that are marked as favorites are displayed here.

AGIMENDO.edit neues Feature Variantenmanagement Favoritenverwaltung

How to manage the Variants

Using the settings dialog the different variants can be managed. The individual users can configure, manage and store their own variants.


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