Are you constantly consolidating Excel sheets just to stay on top of the investments requests submitted by employees who plan decentrally? Are you wasting valuable time and starting to lose track?

If you answered these questions with “yes”, AGIMENDO.invest is the solution for you! Once you have installed the add-on to SAP BW, a web-based wizard will conveniently guide you through the definition of requests, permissions, and approval workflows. And then you can get right to planning your investments: Your planning staff can submit their investment request online through their browsers. You get a dashboard that allows you to manage these requests and provides you with instant overviews of your planning status.

AGIMENDO.invest elmininates the clutter of incoming requests. Want to test it for free?

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A detailed look at AGIMENDO.invest

Defining investment requests

Once the add-on is installed, a lean investment request is already waiting for you to get started right away. Most probably though, you will want to customize your requests to the specific needs of your company. Here, AGIMENDO.invest takes a modular, wizard-based approach to guide you through every step of the process. You can select investment objects and assign them with characteristics, that is with master data, from your SAP BW system. Also, you control what data is visible to and modifiable by which employees and determine which fields are mandatory and which are optional.

Everything is done via a web-based interface, no programming necessary. In most cases, you can configure your own customized investment request in just a few hours.

Assigning permissions

In order for everything to run smoothly, the admin dashboard serves as a single pane of glass for you to set user permissions for your investment planning. There are two default views: requester and approver. In these views, you can freely assign permissions to determine which users can view, edit, and delete data and change the status of requests.

By the way, AGIMENDO.invest also applies the default analysis authorizations of your SAP BW system. This means that users who are, for example, restricted to accessing data from a specific location or department, will only be able to submit requests for investment objects from these areas.

Submit from anywhere, approve from a central point of control

Requesters complete and submit their requests through a web-based interface. Approvers can view all relevant requests in a central dashboard. Once they have come to a decision, they can change the request status to, for example, “approved” or “rejected”.

Their decision-making process is further supported by graphical reports that provide them with a concise overview of the status quo of their investment planning.


To keep you on top of your investment planning at all time, AGIMENDO.invest offers a powerful array of reporting capabilities. Tables and various diagrams are available to help you chart your budgets and any other target figures. These reports provide you with all the information you need for your planning rounds with your bosses. They also enable you to compare different planning periods or conduct plan/actual comparisons.

To show what our solution is capable of, it comes complete with a reporting dashboard based on SAP BO DesignStudio or SAP BO Analysis for Office. On top of that, we will configure custom reports and dashboards to suit your unique planning requirements.

Managing several versions

AGIMENDO.invest enables you to manage multiple plan versions without getting confused and without running the risk of overwriting data by accident. As a planning manager, you can view all previous plans. This is especially helpful when tracking planning progress over time and delivering visibility into changes.

Automatic fiscal year changes

It may seem like an insignificant detail, but it is actually very helpful: At the beginning of a new planning year, requests that were already approved for the following years are automatically transferred to the next planning year. After all, there are more important things to do at the beginning of a fiscal year! You can still edit the transferred requests and, if need be, reject them after the fact.


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How you benefit from AGIMENDO.invest

Terms and prices

32,500 $
One-time fixed price per system line, plus VAT.
Includes the AGIMENDO.edit Professional Edition license.
Includes the quick start guide and two days of on-site implementation consulting and a functional specifications workshop.
Delivery: The AGIMENDO.edit basic module is delivered to you as a transport request along with the installation guide.
Technical requirements: SAP BW system 7.0 SP15 and higher

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